Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Time Missing

Hello there blog world. It has been one heck of a year. So many things have changed for me. I am still of course addicted to the beauty of the ARTS! nothing has changed there. I vow to come back, its been about exactly one year since my last post. I am currently in school writing like crazy so I will be transferring my best works to this blog for the world to indulge.

I will also be throwing random upcoming events or anything that has to do with ART or can be looked upon as ART!. Ill be starting as soon as i can!

Love, Live and Learn.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Black Violin. Two talented artist who play different instruments. These positive artist go around on tour delighting the ear with a mixture of hip-hop and classical music.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Sweet

So sweet a smileLaugh that drives everyone to smile
How sweetly you talk
How smoothly your words dance with your tongueHow slightly your lips part
It just tickles my heart
So sweet a smile
Laugh can be soundful with a thousand pounds
How sweetly you begin to touch my lower back
How swiftly from within a glance I watch your body move
How sweetly your hand gestures, it makes my body coo
How sweet of a man
How swift of picture, an imageI just love the thought of you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black & White

You are so silly to believe that everything is in color
Look all around you the world is in black and white
No matter the color your thinking! Again I must tell you its black and white
You see with your eyes but really open your mind
See with your knowledge and think, dig deep inside your mind
There should b no color no black no white

Friday, September 26, 2008

lack of connection

"Her lack of permanent connection to a male figure is the keystone to her independence." Reading this quote over and over it begins to make a lot of since to me. When I took a trip to the MoMa in the city, for a friends birthday, this piece of art caught my eye. It touched me and I didn't know exactly why at first. Then going through things with male figures, it all became all to clear to me! A woman never really connects fully with a man. Women are independent and men, are naturally taught to be suprior. If a woman is independent she tends to have issues with men. Not because she is independent but because men want to feel needed. The lack of a connection with a man, allows a woman to be more independent.........

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So pure you are so full of unbirthed life
So sweet and seculent, you take breath away
So untouched and delicate
Loved and held with poise and care
Your thorns stick out sometimes but the love of your beauty makes this disapear
Loving until your death, the love and light that you bring
Can't begin to notice your bud has spread its wings
No longer a beauty but begins to disenagrate, you will always be loved
no room for hate

Guggenheim Museum

I have been waiting and wanting to visit this museum, because i have heard so many great things about it. Right now there is an exhibit going on about a woman named Louise Bourgeois. The exhibit is to last from June 27-September 12. The exhibit is about her life. She was an artist who based her life on her work. She was inspired to create art through the pains and joy of life. I feel a connection somehow with this woman. Though we are two worlds apart, i can most certainly say that I base most of my poetry off of my life or the experiences that i go through or the surroundings around me. I believe most artists do the same. Its like everything around you begins to change your perspective on things. Whether you are a photographer or a poet, it shows in your work and etc. But i am just going off topic lol. I want to visit the Guggenheim and i will further discuss Louise Bourgeois.